Yay! It’s Friday the 13th?

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Did you know that businesses lose millions of dollars on Friday the 13th? According to Business Insider, the loss is over 700 million dollars. That’s a lot of bananas… and shoes. I wonder if business picks all the more on Saturday the 14 of the month, although some still refuse to shop on that day also.

Of course, it’s everyone’s personal belief system that determines good days and bad days. You know the glass half empty or half full mentality. Every day we have a choice whether or not to give in to superstitions or the negative instances that may occur. Are we going to mad all day about the car accident or glad that we walked away alive? Are we going to live in disappointment that business was slower than usual or revel in our abilities to still sustain ourselves in spite of circumstances?

There is a lot to for which we should be grateful. Situations, that are not so good, happen every day. It’s not just on certain Fridays throughout the year. My dad and I (rest his soul) would sometimes do a little something extra on Friday the 13th, just because. It taught me to celebrate life and now business each day. I encourage you to do the same. So, instead of concentrating on the tall tales of what could happen, make it business as usual and super!sticious.

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