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The movie Act Like a Woman; Think Like a Man Too was a huge hit at the box office this weekend and so was the book when it came out. I think the title sums it up; however, some professional women just don’t seem to get it. In most cases you can actually just be a woman and get the job done just as well, if not better. Here are three ways we shoot ourselves in the foot and how we can fix the wound.


1. Being Insensitive. Before becoming a woman of power, so to speak, we wanted those around us and our leaders to be more understanding. I daresay some even complained about it. Yet, we forget to be considerate and sensitive to our subordinates as we climb the corporate the ladder. The fixer is remembering that being understanding actually can empower your employees and motivate them to step it up out of appreciation. An act of kindness? It’s amazing how far that can take you.


2. Using insight. Sometimes as women we are so busy getting the job done that we don’t take a minute to encode information that could be beneficial. Maybe we realize something should have been done a little differently after the fact. That could be circumvented by actually paying attention to what is being said and the reactions taking place instead of standing our ground “I am in charge and have to prove myself as a woman”. Use your womanly sixth sense. Did you know in 2010, in a study by Hall (not me), it was determined that women are better at deciphering nonverbal messages and in recognizing deceit better than men? Well, only if taking the time to actually pay attention.


3. Lack of Collaboration. I know we want to do it all and we have to show the world… at least, we sometimes think this. Still, that’s not the way it should be. Women can be great collaborators when they actually, well, collaborate. When is the last time you had a brainstorming session instead of giving commands? No offense, but consider this. It’s mostly men in the white house. You see where that’s gotten us. In our business world, we can communicate and pool resources to strengthen the organization. You don’t have to be a one woman show. Not to mention, it could relieve some of the pressure.


Take a step back and consider whether your style can use more soft skills. The bottom line is to use your natural God given gifts. Think like a woman; act like a woman.

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  1. Full of salient points. Don’t stop bevenliig or writing!

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