About Dr. June

Dr. June Hall, affectionately known as Dr. June, started speaking publicly as a toddler at her Father’s church and started creatively writing in Kindergarten. She started reading at four and developed a passion for it. Her older brother once explained to her that magazines were for casual reading after seeing her read one cover to cover like a book. She still enjoys reading and writing today. She wrote an advice column for over 12 years which reached millions through syndication. She developed multiple workbooks and two career education courses. She has also authored two books, No More Pity Parties and No More Career Pity Parties.                    Click the link to see how Dr. June has also made Herstory




Prior to her first book, Dr. June was not in a positive place. Emotionally, Physically,

Spiritually, she was in a dark space. While she was fortunate enough to have positive influences, she realized she also had to contribute to getting out her negative space. Through prayer and changing her lifestyle and
outlook, she began to APT (Accentuate Positive Thinking). She learned that this is a process that connects to and interacts with every aspect
of life, personally as well as professionally. Even after being diagnosed with cancer and dealing with business disappointments, Dr. June discovered utilizing the APTacious Principles is the fuel needed to move forward and prevail.




20170217_104331In moving forward, Dr. June founded Time to APT and become the Proprietor of Positivity. Many have called her Sunshine due to her bright and positive attitude. Her message of refilling your glass to move forward in your business and personal life has reverberated compellingly with small business owners, corporations, and individuals who just needed a recharge to get them back on a positive track.


She communicates her mantra “As long as you still have life, each day offers you an opportunity to do something towards your goal. It’s Time to APT; It’s Time to take ACTION” to motivate others in many forums. In addition to speaking and offering workshops to various groups, colleges and organizations, Dr. June offers advice on morning news shows such as NBC Daytime TV, ABC Morning Blend, and had her on morning segment on CBS morning news in Miami.



20180804_144135More than hosting an annual one-day conference to offer motivation to small business owners and those who need motivation, Dr. June has a radio show, “APTaciously Speaking”. She offers sage advice, which typically shares tips such as effective communication, learning to networking, and answering many questions on building positive relationships. Her experience on relationships stems from being married to Timothy Hall for 25 years and learned a positive relationship is built on love and partnership and making any day a special occasion.





Dr. June has touched the lives of many individuals and organizations:



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“Dr. June has the glow of leadership, wisdom and common sense that she can teach to anyone front the ages of 5 to 95.  She is one of the best orators of advice with substance of our generation.” ~Melvin Thompson, Director of Student Life


“Dr. June is a force for positivity in business and in life.  I highly recommend working with her and learning how to be APTacious!” Dineen Wasylik, P.A. DPW Legal, IP-Appeals Lawyer


“Dr. June is a no-nonsense person who is self-driven, articulate, and perceptive.  Her ability to interact with people of diverse backgrounds has enabled her to establish a great rapport with people. Dr. June is professional, empathetic, has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her field, and is down to earth and very approachable.  She is an asset to her profession.” ~ Sharlene, Devotion and Inspirational Leader


“A true visionary, Dr. June has the ability to motivate as well as lead. She invites you into her world by being honest about her prior struggles and shares the tools to help you be successful in business and in life.” ~ R. C. Hadley, CEO Black Swan Special Events


“Dr. June is one of those rare people who will help you be successful because of her great experiences and because of her winning attitude, high energy, and great work ethic.” ~Dr. Debra Daniels, College President


“Dr. June is a true inspiration in my life.  Her dedication to her faith always encouraged my own walk with God. She is a blessing to anyone and everyone she encounters.” ~ Samantha, Coaching Recipient


“Dr. June is a well-respected, God fearing and compassionate speaker that promotes high self-esteem in order to encourage success and productivity in all aspects of the lives she touches.” ~ Mary, Sunday School Superintendent