About Dr. June

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Dr. June (Hall) is a Motivationalist and the Proprietor or Positivity. With her background in Counseling and Education she has worked with many individuals to help them overcome and deal with adversities. Not only has she been an educator for over 20 years, she also penned a syndicated advice column and had her own advice segment on CBS Morning News in Miami.

Through facing her personal struggles with darkness and negativity, including fighting cancer, Dr. June put her faith in God, learned to APT and to turn her darkness into sunshine. She founded Time to APT (Accentuate Positive Thinking) in order to help others find their way through dark periods and began the annual APTacious Experience Conference. In addition to her published books, No More Pity Parties: A Guide to Celebrating Your Way through Life and No More Career Pity Parties, she is Editor-in-Chief of “It’s APTAcious” Magazine. This is an extension of the APTacious event and is available online and in print. She has also developed an advice talk show, Cooking Up Advice with Dr. June, to reach as many individuals as possible to reduce personal and relationship stress.

Dr. June has traveled throughout the country motivating individuals on national television shows such as Daytime and Jenny Jones and offered her advising services by being a speaker for organizations such as Pasco Lawyers Group, SALO (Student Activities and Leadership Officers), RA Group on Relationships, Mental Health Association, Florida Developmental Education Association, TASS and CARE Foundation of Portland.

Email timetoapt@junehall.com for individual or relationship coaching as well as your hosting and speaking needs.