While Time to APT, Inc. offers the topics of Valuable Communication, Leadership that Empowers, and Wellness, an extension of our services includes Customized Coaching, Tailored Trainings, and Personalized Presentations for the specific needs of your organization.


APTacious Communication

IMG_20150801_122036Your message may be a very important one but if no one is willing to listen, its value will be lost. Effective Communication is a commonly used phrase; wherein, effective basically means being successful in what you are trying to accomplish. While you have been successful in sharing the information, it is important that what has been shared is understood and meaningful.

Less than 10% of what you say is part of the listening process. People are looking more at your expressions and body language. Additionally, most people are communicating with others throughout the day but approximately 50% are really listening. Well, what do you do to get your staff or others, to not only hear, but really listen to what you are trying to convey. Multiple steps will be covered in this workshop to help you develop communication skills to reach others.

  • More than with your ears and eyes, the way you listen to others will be demonstrated.
  • Recognizing what the person is trying to convey and demonstrating that you understand.
  • Your response does not have to be a paragraph but certainly more than a nod.
  • Acknowledgment what was really being said through verbiage and action will be established.

All these topics will be covered in this interactive communication workshop. Additionally, this workshop lends itself to Customer Service Training utilizing Effective Communication with the Public for Frontline Staff.

Other provisions for this 3-hour workshop include:

  • “How I Communicate” assessment.
  • Learning Materials
  • Answers regarding specific communication scenarios


Follow the Leader: Become an APTacious Leader that Empowers Employees to be Responsible

When individuals are in the role of management or administration, subordinates will do what is required of them as part of their employment. In many situations the bare minimum of employee work is being met due to lack of connection with their leaders.

Employees find themselves believing they have no input regarding what they offer to the organization, especially those who work the front line. This causes a lack of motivation. Empowering employees will not only improve work relations but encourages staff members to willingly complete the tasks set before them. A good leader inspires, and through empowerment, passes the resemblance of authority to the employees, which inspires them to do their jobs. This course offers management techniques to put them in the top 25% of leaders who have staff members willing to follow their directions while appreciating the opportunity to do so.


APTaciously Healthy: Wellness Within and Outside of the Workplace

OAPT Mag Mtgur physical health is a vital part of being productive in the workplace; however, we often forget our emotional health is also directly linked to our well-being. Stress, fatigue, rumination are leading causes of emotional distress. More than 50% of people deal with these concerns daily and allow these issues to follow them to work.

When you don’t take care of yourself outside of the workplace then you will not be able to function to your full potential in the workplace. The inability to deal with stress is one of the main factors that contribute to negative factors, which impact your emotional health. Approximately 65% of people are contending with that cycle of stress. The good news is there are approaches you can use to reduce your stress levels and have relief within and outside of the workplace.