Dr. June visits Daytime News Station in Tampa, Florida

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Today’s Inspiring Women with Deanne DeMarco

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Are you living your dreams? Are you in the corporate position you desire? It is time to stop holding yourself back from reaching your potential. This week our first guest is Dr June Hall is an advice columnist for Daytona Beach News Journal, Psychology professor, and author of No More Pity Parties. Dr June will address how to move forward when life is not going according to plan. How to change your mindset and your outcomes. In her straight forward tell it like is is style she will discuss the signs when it is time to move on and how to get connected with the right people.


What Truly Makes Us Happy – WFLA

Money can’t buy happiness,” is a phrase you’ve probably heard. Some would argue, “oh yes, it can!” But motivational coach Dr. June Hall says multiple studies have shown financial success doesn’t define a person’s happiness. Rather, maintaining healthy relationships, showing gratitude, keeping an optimistic outlook, and taking time to decompress with a good book all can up the happiness factor in our lives.