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Time to APT

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Dr. June has helped thousands manage their career crisis, relationship concerns, and life’s pitfalls through her syndicated advice column, her books, individual coaching, conferences and speaking engagements. With a background and degrees in Counseling and in Education, along with life’s experiences, she works with groups and individuals to generate their success Personally and Professionally. Now you or your organization can work directly with Dr. June to improve communication or develop a more APTacious environment.


  Who Should Work with Dr. June or her APTacious Leaders?

  • Individuals who have a vision and need to “zero” into their vision and make definitive decisions regarding their goals
  • Individuals who are ready to move forward with their plans in hand to get started on their vision
  • Individuals who need a jump-start or recharge to take their goals to the next level
  • Those who are already a business owner or want to become a business owner
  • Those who have an idea but are saying “now what?”
  • Individuals who desire a more fulfilling life including a better relationship
  • Individuals who could use guiding steps towards contentment 

Who will you gain from working with the Time to APT Organization?

  • Interactive education that leads to your success
  • Definitive plans for your goals and how to reach them
  • Handouts to be used during and after the sessions
  • Understanding the connection between positivity and your personal/professional growth
  • Rejuvenation emotionally, physically, mentally
  • Information to improve your health and acquire balance
  • Awareness of opportunities even when there is only a cracked open door

Cost starts as low as $300 to work with Dr. June or one of her APTacious Leaders?
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Are you ready to start or to continue your journey to Success? Then take action and join us.

 To Schedule your free 15 minute consultation email timetoapt@junehall.com

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