What They Are Saying

“Dr. June is a no-nonsense person who is self driven, articulate, and perceptive.  Her ability to interact with people of diverse backgrounds has enabled her to establish a great rapport with people. Dr. June is professional, empathetic, has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her field, and is down to earth and very approachable.  She is an asset to her profession.” ~ Sharlene, Devotion and Inspirational Leader

“A true visionary, Dr. June has the ability to motivate as well as lead.”~ Revella C. Hadley, CEO Black Swan Special Events

“Dr. June is one of those rare people who will help you be successful because of her great experiences and also because of her winning attitude, high engery, and great work ethic.”~Dr. Debra Daniels, College President

“Dr. June is a true inspiration in my life.  Her dedication to her faith always encouraged my own walk with God. She is a blessing to anyone and everyone she encounters.” ~ Samantha, Coaching Recipient

“Dr. June is a well respected, God fearing and compassionate speaker that promotes high self-esteem in order to encourage success and productivity in all aspects of the lives she touches.” ~ Mary, Sunday School Superintendent

“Dr. June has the glow of leadership, wisdom and down home sense that she can teach to anyone front he ages of  5  to 95.  She is one of the best orators of advice with substance of our generation.” ~Melvin Thompson, Director of Student Life

“It’s been said that you don’t have to say everything–to say something.  When communicating on a subject she is passionate about, her message is not lost in a volume of words.  Dr. June is focused, precise, and to the point.” ~ Dr. Tami Beaty, Assistant Dean